Sarah Partridge

I am a ceramic Artist, living in London. 

I discovered the craft of Pottery at 11 years of age, where I was fortunate to attend a School that had two brilliant and inspiring Art teachers, Rick Kirby and Gloria Dimambro. The Art Department had a fully equipped Pottery Studio, and pottery was fully included in the Art Curriculum.

I have been studying and designing Ceramics since 1997.  My work is sculptural and explores natural forms, where I am inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and landscapes.   

I host one day Raku workshops in my garden,  usually running from May to August, further details of these courses can be found in the 'Raku courses' section of this site.

I teach Pottery and Sculpture classes at  Redbridge Institute of Adult Education


 This summer I am exhibiting some pieces at the ArtWave Festival in Sussex.


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